Administrations of estates in Germany: What are the important factors?

The loss of a loved one is a difficult experience. When someone you love passes away, the last thing anyone wants to think about is the red tape that comes with the process of compiling the right documentation to ensure that the Will is substantiating the right people involved. Even if you feel capable to examine and sort out the estate yourself, to check and cancel existing contracts, to dissolve the household and to take care of all matters related it is better to consult a legal expert, especially if there is more than one heir. Conflicts can rise fast between coheirs.

Hence it is helpful for the heirs to authorize a dependable neutral person to take care of the administration of the estate for them. It is to the advantage of the bereaved if this person not only has the necessary expertise but also the interpersonal skills and can use their network that empowers them to handle the whole estate matter.

I specialize in:

  • legal assessment of the estate
  • applying for a certificate of inheritance
  • safeguarding of valuable objects of the estate
  • clearing and selling of a house or an apartment
  • safeguarding and selling of valuable antiques which are part of the estate
  • cancelling existing contracts as for example leases, energy supply contracts, telecommunication contracts, etc.
  • reviewing files and documents, handling all necessary correspondence with official agencies and authorities
  • paying off all liabilities of the estate and the testator using the estate

My firm has years of experience in this field. We consider it to be our job to solve problems. Our service includes far more than just legal issues. The wishes of the heirs and a trustful cooperation with our clients are the center of our work. In extensive conversations, with due sensitivity, we define what should be taken care of as well as which legal and personal aspects are important in each particular case.

Our clients decide whether they want to be kept informed about the administration of the estate at all times. Sometimes heirs do not want that as it is too burdensome for them or they are just not interested. No matter what we follow the wishes of our clients loyally and discretely.

Our office has years of experience in dealing with the administration of an estate. Within the years we have been able to set up a tight-knit network of people and companies which we can use at any time necessary. Because of this we are able to unburden the heirs as much as possible and are able to take care of the administration of the estate.

Advantages for our clients

We do ensure all our clients that at no time any important files, documents or valuables will be lost. Moreover our clients do not have to deal with any legal or fiscal matters. In an ideal case our firm is able to prevent any financial loss for the heirs and handles the complete administration of the estate up to the payment of proceeds to the heirs.

Advantages for the community of heirs

In case that there is a group of heirs that is interested in the administration of estate through my firm, I can guarantee a neutral and fast distribution of the inheritance without any disputes. In Germany it is mandatory that all heirs agree to authorize my firm, through the full period of the mandate.

Payment for my services will be done through the estate prior to the distribution. This ensures that all heirs will share the costs according to the percentage of their share of the inheritance.