My philosophy

I put a special focus on and effort into solving disputes outside the court rooms. It is my goal to provide a pragmatic and calm approach for all disputes that goes beyond the basic legal work.

It is advisable to reach an out-of-court agreement if children are involved or the amount in dispute is very high.

In my office I do have an extra large meeting room for cases like this. It offers enough room for several lawyers and clients.

I do have meetings with my clients in this meeting room on a regular basis as well as with conflicting parties and their lawyers in order to find an out-of-court agreement for existing legal disputes.

Only when it is for sure that an out-of-court agreement is not wanted or cannot be achieved, I do examine, in cooperation with my clients, all possibilities and risks for a judicial approach.

It takes two to argue, but it also takes two to agree. If it is impossible or not advisable to reach an agreement, I actively represent my clients in court and out-of-court. I consider myself to be a team player that first discusses all steps with my clients.

Due to my professional specialization in family and inheritance law and my long-term experience I am able to assist you with a very high professional competence as a specialist lawyer. My additional qualifications also enable me to offer mediation and coaching to my clients.